Identify Potential Leaders through Psychometric Assessments

The 21st century brings assorted challenges paired with promising opportunities for the organizations.  As a consequence to complex and volatile market, the task of spotting the right opportunity at the right time for the organizations is getting arduous. An effective leader with excellent abilities can identify these opportunities and formulate strategies to take a competitive edge. The success of an organization is contingent upon these torchbearers. Currently, the major challenge faced by the organizations is to discern these potential leaders.

One hindrance encountered by organizations in this process is to measure and assess the intelligence and the hidden personality traits such as attitude and beliefs of the potential candidates. It is essential to locate these salient traits whether you are recruiting employees or hiring a potential leader who can run all the given responsibilities with efficiency. Psychometric tests help to identify these masked traits of an individual. Psychometric test is a standardized and scientific method used for measuring mental capabilities, attitudes and behavioral styles of individuals. These tools play an important role for determining the suitability of a candidate for a particular role based on the required aptitude and personality characteristics.

In order to hire a qualifier or choose the most fitting leader for the next prospective project, you need to deduce whether he has an acquired ability to deliver the given task or not.  Plain observation of a set of behaviors or contemplation over others’ opinions is an obsolete method, not just biased but time consuming as well.  An unambiguous way of assessing one’s leadership characteristics is by taking a psychometric test giving you accurate results outlining the individual’s personality traits and cognitive abilities. In this manner the hidden abilities indiscernible to interview rounds can be discovered. Through psychometric testing, manual hiring errors can be spared. Research has demonstrated that the formal and scientific procedures are always beneficial for identifying high potential leaders.

Psychometric tests can identify the following traits required by high potential front runners or leaders:

  1. Cognitive Skills – Cognitive skills are the various mental abilities which are associated with strategic thinking, problem-solving, decision making, innovative thinking and learning abilities.
  2. Interpersonal skills – It is the ability to communicate or interact well with others. It is exhibiting appropriate social skills at work.
  3. Learning ability – It involves having the ability to adapt to new concepts and ideas and application of the same.
  4. Leadership skills – These skills include developing, leading, managing, inspiring and influencing others.
  5. Motivation – A leader needs to be innately driven towards accomplishing goals.
  6. Performance – A leader must execute relevant tasks for achieving organizational goals.
  7. Knowledge and values – Acquiring and applying in-depth knowledge pertaining to organization’s various tasks, along with exercising key values such as humility, honesty, courage, wisdom and integrity.
  8. Creativity – Involves exploration and practice of open mindedness.
  9. Collaborative thinking – letting everyone be part of the whole process by encouraging feedback and giving inputs.
  10. Discipline – Self-control, following an order at work and maintaining inner calm are some acts of discipline for leaders.
  11. Optimism – Tackling challenges at work with a positive approach.
  12. Stability – One’s ability to stay sound and firm.
  13. Intuition – Some tasks require decision making followed by gut instincts. A leader must have the ability to trust one’s own self.

Psychometric tests help the organizations to identify these traits through various standardized tests such as ability test, deductive reasoning test, situation-judgment test and personality tests.

These tests provide with a comprehensive view of an individual’s talent, leadership potential and characteristics required to develop competencies. This will help organisations to invest in the right aspirant for their organization.

Psychometric tests should be the first steps for the selection process for scientifically screening out the candidate for leadership role. Psychometric tests make the organisations and candidates aware about the potential candidates’ personality, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, these tests have a constructive value not just for the organization but for the employees themselves as well.

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