Identifying and retaining the “Stars” of tomorrow, in your organization.

Every organization, big or small has some key performers or stars as we call them, who usually take the lead in every project and deliver beyond expectations. These individuals not only deliver a consistent performance, but also ensure they motivate the team they are working along with, through their resourceful thinking, quick decision making ability and a high level of excellence standards backed with the ability to handle work related stress and pressures. Such stars can be the potential leaders of tomorrow, to take the organization further up on its growth path, if properly nurtured and mentored.

Identify the stars

The process of identifying and mentoring these stars should ideally start by having an in-house process to identify them based on various parameters critical to your organization and its growth. It could begin, by identifying such individuals using psychometric assessments which will help identify the candidate’s strengths and areas that need to be worked upon. This is very important, to assess the individuals and then place them in the role and team best suited for them. For eg: placing someone highly motivated towards sales, in the admin team would lead to a waste of time and energy on both the individuals and organizations behalf.

Further to the process of identifying the stars, they should be deputed on critical and key projects requiring multi-tasking skills and the need to work with different sets of people such as clients, vendors, government officials and senior management. This is essentially important, if you are considering them for a top management role, which would need them to be well versed with all the different aspects of the business.

Once these ‘Stars’ have been identified, it is extremely critical that the organization takes all steps to ensure, they see a growth opportunity for them within the organization and do not consider taking their skill sets and expertise elsewhere. This could be, by having in place a formal reward, recognition and training program for them, which could clearly showcase the future prospects for them within the organization.

Develop them

A formal training and development program, needs to have in place well qualified and experienced mentors from diverse roles both within and external to the organization, so that they can share their experiences and guide the individuals on different business situations. Periodic psychometric assessments can also be conducted during the program to evaluate its effectiveness and the response of the individuals to the different roles being assigned to them. These tests also help to identify the different reactions of the individuals to diverse situations and their decision taking ability, during the same. This is essential to gauge ones responsiveness to situations of stress and when quick decisions need to be taken.

Exposure to different business segments, with a formal recognition and reward for their accomplishments in that segment will help motivate the individuals to strive further towards achieving overall excellence and also discourage any negative thoughts about their future with the organization. Additionally, care needs to be taken during this program, to ensure that other employees do not feel demotivated or marginalized due to the special attention to these individuals, since the whole organization needs to work as a team and understand the key role these future leaders are going to play in the growth of the organization.

HireSharp is psychometric assessment platform which can be used to identify, develop and promote the stars of tomorrow, for small, medium or large organisations.

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