Psychometric Science – What, How and Why

Psychometric Science - What, How and Why

Psychometric Science – What, How and Why

Traditional Recruitment Process consists of following steps:

  1. Resume Shortlist
  2. Telephonic Interview to check the willingness to take the job opportunity
  3. Some have a basic aptitude assessment
  4. Series of Personal Interview depending on the level of hire
  5. Offer and Joining Process

But in recent times, “Psychometric Assessments” is playing a major role in the filtration process to improve efficiencies by meeting the right fit for the role and increasingly becoming the crucial part of the hiring process.

Psychometric Assessment is a standardized way of measuring various factors such as Personality Traits, knowledge and abilities (such as mechanical reasoning, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, spatial ability, etc.) of the aspiring candidate. These factors may change depending upon the level of hiring in an organization.

Recruiters are always curious to know more and more about the employee’s personality, aptitude and also their point of view on various subjects. ( For e.g., the recruiters are keen to know if a potential employee is reserved or outgoing, hardworking or lethargic, how good the person is in mathematical reasoning, creativity, language ability, spatial reasoning, etc.) Keeping this in mind, the recruiters can use this means of psychometric assessment to get in depth knowledge about the candidate.

It is comparatively easy to measure factors such as communication, dressing sense, body language, etc. in any individual during a face-to-face interview. These factors are all visible or measurable through a personal discussion, and thus can be assessed objectively.

But how does one measure some one’s intelligence, personality or aptitude in 30-45 minutes of discussion?

It is difficult to measure these factors orally or verbally and still be consistent with various touch points in hiring process. While hiring, all these traits play a very important role for the longevity of the candidate and for him to be successful in the selected role.

Thus, the recruiter needs to choose the assessment and the topics to be measured appropriately. The test which they carry out should be solving the purpose of knowing the appropriate information about the prospective candidate. Thereby guiding them to MAKE THE BEST HIRING DECISIONS.

Psychometric assessments are formed after a lot of research, analysis and validation. These assessments are first performed on a defined sample group to ensure that the test is standard and reliable. Standardization is important in reducing any kind of bias that may occur during assessment. It is also extremely important that the assessment should help us produce consistent results and measure what it is meant to be actually measuring. Thus, validity and reliability form the two important pillars of Psychometric Assessment.

Psychometric Assessment tests need to be carried out under controlled environmental conditions to ensure appropriate results. Now-a-days, personality and aptitude test are both widely used by progressive companies to hire the best fit for the role. Aptitude tests are time bound where an individual has to choose an answer from a number of options given. The result will help the organization to understand if the individual possesses that particular aptitude or not. But, it is not a constant factor. Hence, the candidate can always work upon it. Thus, the organization can sometimes give the individual a chance to grow and develop these aptitudes further. On the other hand personality tests have no time limit. There is no right or wrong answer to these tests. They just help the organization to understand if the candidate’s personality would fit the job that they are applying for. Since these are very basic situation based questions it becomes difficult for the candidate to lead to a conclusion of the question. This will help the organization to check the honesty and integrity of the candidate.

Traditionally these tests have been done using the paper pencil method. But recently, recruiters have started administering these tests online, thus, it has become very convenient for the companies to measure the capabilities and know the personality traits of the candidate even if the person is applying from a different city or for that matter a different country. Thus, these online tests help the recruiters not only in saving time and money, but also help in increasing the accuracy of the result. They are easy to administer and the recruiter can perform them on a group as well.

Organizations can use these tests in various academic and commercial setups as well. It will help the recruiters to ensure good job performance, decrease in attrition and increase in employee retention. Thus, Psychometric Assessment can help the organization to find candidates who would best fit a certain position. Also, helping them understand which skill requires to be developed in a particular candidate. Thus, helping the organization to develop and thereby obtaining the required growth and satisfaction for themselves and their employees.

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